Impression Material Polyvinylsiloxsane Putty (Ghenesyl)

Impression Material Polyvinylsiloxsane Putty (Ghenesyl)


Introducing Ghenesyl by Lascod, a cutting-edge addition curing silicone engineered for unparalleled precision and versatility. Designed with specific characteristics to ensure maximum precision in detecting details, even in challenging wet settings, Ghenesyl boasts an impressive resolution of 25 µm. Its range of hardness levels and consistencies empowers users to achieve optimal results, seamlessly adapting to various impression-taking techniques.  With an extended processing time, Ghenesyl affords users greater control during procedures, while its brief residence in the mouth ensures utmost patient comfort. Its superior adaptability to dental structures and soft tissues facilitates the replication of pristine margins, ensuring flawless outcomes.  Available in both soft and hard variants, each offering normal and fast set options, Ghenesyl caters to diverse preferences and requirements. For added convenience, Ghenesyl is also offered in practical kits, catering to users seeking tailored solutions and minimizing wastage by ensuring freshness with every use.



  • Excellent elastic properties
  • Smooth kneading without sticking
  • Pliable consistency
  • Maximum precision in detecting details even in a wet setting
  • Harmonized hardness and elasticity for easy removal from the mouth
  • Made in ITALY



Ghenesyl Putty offers versatility with two hardness options: hard and soft.  Choose between regular or fast set variants to suit your specific needs and preferences:

Putty soft: Orange color
Putty hard: Pink Color

2x300ml + 2 Measuring Scoops


SKU Information

Lascod Ghenesyl VPS Putty Hard – Fast Set: GHN-PF

Lascod Ghenesyl VPS Putty Hard – Regular Set: GHN-PR

Lascod Ghenesyl VPS Putty Soft – Fast Set: GHN-LF

Lascod Ghenesyl VPS Putty Soft – Regular Set: GHN-LR