Crown & Bridge Temporary Material 10:1 (Hexa Dental)

Crown & Bridge Temporary Material 10:1 (Hexa Dental)


Hexa Dental’s 10:1 Crown and Bridge Material is crafted with precision in Germany. This high-end bis-acrylic composite offers unparalleled quality for temporary restorations. Its self-curing nature ensures reliable results, while its natural dental aesthetics provide brilliant, translucent shades that remain consistent even in variable light conditions. Engineered for durability, Hexa Dental’s crown and bridge material is fracture-resistant with high flexural and abrasion resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its exceptional mechanical properties make it ideal for high-quality temporary restorations that stand the test of time. Plus, it grinds and polishes with ease, achieving a flawless finish every time. Available in shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, and Bleach, this award-winning product has been recognized by Dental Shopper as best in its class. Elevate your practice with Hexa Dental’s 10:1 Crown and Bridge Material – the choice of discerning dental professionals worldwide.



  • Excellent flexural strength and abrasion resistance
  • Fast preliminary setting time
  • Quick removal with low shrinkage
  • Available in brilliant translucent shades
  • Fracture resistant
  • Color stable throughout the wear time
  • Made in Germany



1 x 50mL Cartridge + 10 Mixing Tips


SKU Information

Shade A1: HT-0001

Shade A2: HT-0002

Shade A3: HT-0003

Shade A3.5: HT-0004

Shade B1: HT-0005

Shade Bleach: HT-0006