One+Plus Putty Impression Material (Hexa Dental)

One+Plus Putty Impression Material (Hexa Dental)


Introducing Hexa’s One Plus Putty, meticulously engineered for superior dental impressions. Available in both fast set and regular set options, this elastomeric material offers unparalleled convenience and precision. With the ability to be easily manipulated by hand and pressed into teeth to capture detailed anatomy, it ensures flawless reproduction of dental structures and soft tissues. Designed to seamlessly conform to anatomical nuances, One Plus Putty guarantees impeccable margins and optimal results, making it the preferred choice for detailed impressions.



  • Excellent elastic properties
  • Smooth kneading without sticking
  • Pliable consistency
  • Maximum precision in detecting details even in a wet setting
  • Harmonized hardness and elasticity for easy removal from the mouth



Available in Fast Set and Regular Set

Soft Putty: Purple Color

2x290ml + 2 Measuring Scoops


SKU Information

Fast Set: OP-001

Regular Set: OP-002