Putty SOFT VPS Impression Material (Hexa Dental)

Putty SOFT VPS Impression Material (Hexa Dental)


Hexa Putty is a highly efficient dental impression material available as Soft Putty and Hard Putty, both available in Fast Set and Regular Set options. Engineered for maximum precision and convenience, this highly efficient product seamlessly conforms to dental structures and soft tissues, ensuring flawless reproduction of intact and perfect margins. Perfect for the two-step impression technique, Hexa Putty guarantees optimal results, making it an indispensable choice for dental professionals seeking to achieve optimal results with ease.



  • Excellent elastic properties
  • Smooth kneading without sticking
  • Pliable consistency
  • Maximum precision in detecting details even in a wet setting
  • Harmonized hardness and elasticity for easy removal from the mouth
  • Mint flavor
  • Made in ITALY



Available in Fast Set and Regular Set

Soft Putty: Orange color

Hard Putty: Pink color

2x290ml + 2 Measuring Scoops


SKU Information

Soft Putty, Fast Set: PS-0001

Soft Putty, Regular Set: PS-0002

Hard Putty, Fast Set: PS-0003

Hard Putty, Regular Set: PS-0004