E-Type Slow Speed Handpiece

E-Type Slow Speed Handpiece


Introducing Hexa’s German-engineered Slow Speed Handpieces – a top choice for dental offices seeking versatility and durability. Our handpieces offer high torque, ensuring precision in various dental procedures. With the convenience of autoclaving, these tools prioritize hygiene. Hexa Dental guarantees a reliable product with a 1-year warranty, and our slow speed handpieces boast a maximum speed of 25,000 rpm. Explore the range to find the perfect fit for your dental practice.



  • Air Motor Set With External Water Spray
  • German engineered 
  • Max speed 25,000 rpm
  • Lower operating speeds ensure careful detailing and accuracy
  • For CA Burs 2.35mm 
  • Designed to handle pressure with utmost efficiency
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty



Slow Speed Air Motor

Slow Speed Straight Nose Cone

Slow Speed Latch Contra Angle, External Water


SKU Information

Slow Speed Air Motor: Turbo-312

Slow Speed Straight Nose Cone: Turbo-314

Slow Speed Latch Contra Angle: Turbo-316