Hexa Temp Crown & Bridge 1:1

Hexa Temp Crown & Bridge 1:1


Discover the ultimate solution for temporary restorations with Hexa’s 1:1 Temporary Crown and Bridge Material, made in the USA. Specifically designed as a resin-based temporary luting agent, it seamlessly integrates with permanent restoratives and cements, ensuring compatibility and long-lasting results. Featuring a transient flexibility achieved through its two-step cure process, this innovative material enhances handling ease and precision during application. Enjoy the convenience of consistent working and curing times, streamlining procedures and saving valuable chairside time. Hexa’s 1:1 Temporary Crown and Bridge Material boasts increased resistance to impacts and exceptional mechanical properties, ensuring reliable performance under various clinical conditions. With natural fluorescence for optimal aesthetics in all lighting conditions – both natural and artificial – it delivers unparalleled aesthetic results. Experience the difference of Hexa’s 1:1 Temporary Crown and Bridge Material, offering excellent polishability and minimal oxygen inhibited layer for a flawless finish every time. 



  • Excellent flexural strength and abrasion resistance
  • Fast preliminary setting time
  • Quick removal with low shrinkage
  • Available in brilliant translucent shades
  • Fracture resistant
  • Color stable throughout the wear time
  • Made in Germany



1 x 50mL Cartridge + 10 Mixing Tips


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Shade A1: HT-2001

Shade A2: HT-2002

Shade A3: HT-2003

Shade A3.5: HT-2004

Shade B1: HT-2005

Shade Bleach: HT-2006