Oklurest Bite Registration CAD System (Lascod)

Oklurest Bite Registration CAD System (Lascod)


Oklurest is an addition silicone (polyvinylsiloxane) made for orthodontic bite registration, registration keys for gnathologic registrations, inter-maxillary registration keys for centered positions, eruptions and ectopic eruptions, registration for cephalometric analysis, which requires a CAD scannering (optical, laser and tactile). It is easily repositionable in the mouth and on models after hardening, and can be subsequently finished with a cutting blade or burs.



  • Easily and safely workable thanks to double cartridge system 1:1
  • Can be scanned with optical/laser/tactile reading systems
  • Maximum control during positioning
  • Highly thixotropic
  • Non-deformable, remains stable over time
  • Accurate reproduction of occlusal details (5 µm)



Available in Fast Set

2 x 50ml cartridges + 12 Mixing Tips

4 x 50ml cartridges


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2 x 50ml cartridges + 12 Mixing Tips: GHN-BF

4 x 50ml cartridges: GHN-BF