Bite Registration Material (Hexa Dental)

Bite Registration Material (Hexa Dental)


Hexa Bite Registration is meticulously crafted with superior elastomeric properties and precision engineering in Germany. Our Bite Registration offers effortless handling, enabling highly accurate bite registration techniques.  Its unique viscosity and mousse-like consistency ensure dependable results with no resistance to closure, making it the ideal choice for dental professionals seeking unparalleled accuracy in impressions. Available in regular set, fast set, and super fast set options, our Bite Registration material is hydrophilic vinyl polysiloxane, ensuring non-slumping performance and precise impressions.



  • Excellent elastomeric properties
  • No resistance to closure
  • Mousse-like consistency
  • Vinyl polysiloxane material
  • High final hardness of Shore A hardness 90
  • Mint flavor
  • Made in GERMANY



Available in Regular Set, Fast Set, and Super Fast Set

2 x 50ml+6 Mixing Tips


SKU Information

Regular Set: HB-001

Fast Set: HB-002

Super Fast Set: HB-003