One Bite Registration (Hexa Dental)

One Bite Registration (Hexa Dental)


Presenting Hexa’s Bite Registration, a flagship product within our esteemed One Plus line, meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled occlusal registration accuracy. Engineered with superior hardness and rigidity, it boasts effortless trimming capabilities, ensuring impeccable results. With exceptional dimensional stability and customizable setting times, it caters to a myriad of clinical demands. Available in regular, fast, and super-fast set variants, it stands as the quintessential choice for discerning dental professionals seeking superior bite registration solutions.



  • Excellent elastomeric properties
  • No resistance to closure
  • Mousse-like consistency
  • Vinyl polysiloxane material
  • Outstanding flow properties
  • Highly thixotropic


Available in Regular Set, Fast Set, and Super Fast Set

4 x 50ml cartridges

Bulk Pack, 100/case: 100 x 50mL


SKU Information

Regular Set, 4x50mL cartridges: JB-0012

Regular Set, 100x50mL cartridges: JB-0014

Fast Set, 4x50mL cartridges: JB-0010

Fast Set, 100x50mL cartridges: JB-0013

Super Fast Set, 4x50mL cartridges:  JB-0011

Super Fast Set, 100x50mL cartridges: JB-0015