Impression Material VPS (Hexa Dental)

Impression Material VPS (Hexa Dental)


Hexa’s latest addition-curing polyvinylsiloxane silicone ensures unparalleled precision in detail detection (5 μm) even in wet conditions. Its range of hardnesses and consistencies ensures optimal outcomes, accommodating various impression techniques. With an extended processing window, product management is simplified, while brief mouth contact ensures patient comfort during impression-taking. Our impression material seamlessly conforms to dental and soft tissue anatomies, facilitating the reproduction of flawless margins. Available in two distinct setting releases, regular and fast set, it caters to diverse impression techniques. Moreover, it is offered in superlight body, light body, regular body and heavy body variations, as well as monophase, providing clinicians with options tailored to varying degrees of hardness.



  • Excellent tear strength
  • High dimensional stability
  • Maximum precision in detail reproduction
  • Superior elastic recover
  • Excellent hydrophilic properties
  • Made in ITALY



Superlight Body – Regular Set/Fast Set
Light Body – Regular Set/Fast Set
Regular Body Regular Set/Fast Set
Heavy Body – Regular Set/Fast Set
Monophase – Regular Set/Fast Set

2 x 50mL cartridges + 6 mixing tips

4 x 50mL cartridges


SKU Information

Superlight Body – Regular Set: HS-5001
Superlight Body – Fast Set: HS-5002
Light Body – Regular Set: HS-0001
Light Body – Fast Set: HS-0006
Regular Body – Regular Set: HS-0002
Regular Body – Fast Set: HS-0007
Heavy Body – Regular Set: HS-0004
Heavy Body – Fast Set: HS-0009
Monophase – Regular Set: HS-0003
Monophase – Fast Set: HS-0008