Impression Material Polyvinylsiloxane Body (Ghenesyl)

Impression Material Polyvinylsiloxane Body (Ghenesyl)


Introducing the comprehensive Ghenesyl body range: Ghenesyl Superlight, Ghenesyl Light, Ghenesyl Regular, and Ghenesyl Heavy. Available in cartridges, these versatile options offer flexibility and precision in dental procedures.  Ghenesyl stands out as an exceptional material, particularly suited for the single-component monophase technique, showcasing its adaptability and reliability in various applications.  Crafted by Lascod, Ghenesyl represents the pinnacle of addition curing silicone technology. Engineered with specific characteristics, it guarantees maximum precision in detecting details, even in challenging wet settings. The range of hardnesses and consistencies ensures optimal results, accommodating diverse impression-taking techniques.  Benefit from extended processing time for enhanced control, coupled with short residence in the mouth for maximum patient comfort during procedures. Ghenesyl seamlessly conforms to the anatomical shape of dental structures and soft tissues, facilitating the reproduction of flawless margins.  For added convenience, Ghenesyl is available in practical kits, catering to specific needs while minimizing waste. Each product is easily identifiable through a color-coded system, simplifying selection and usage.



  • Excellent elastic properties
  • Smooth kneading without sticking
  • Pliable consistency
  • Maximum precision in detecting details even in a wet setting
  • Harmonized hardness and elasticity for easy removal from the mouth
  • Made in ITALY



Ghenesyl Body offers versatility with four viscosity options: Superlight Body, Light Body, Regular Body, Heavy Body.  Choose between regular or fast set variants to suit your specific needs and preferences:

Superlight body: Purple color

Light body: Dark Blue Color

Regular body: Light Blue color

Heavy body: Green Color

4x50ml cartridges


SKU Information

Lascod Ghenesyl VPS Heavy Body – Fast Set: GHN-HF

Lascod Ghenesyl VPS Light Body – Fast Set: GHN-LF

Lascod Ghenesyl VPS Light Body – Regular Set: GHN-LR

Lascod Ghenesyl VPS Regular Body – Fast Set: GHN-RF

Lascod Ghenesyl VPS Regular Body – Regular Set: GHN-RR

Lascod Ghenesyl VPS Regular Body – Fast Set: GHN-RF

Lascod Ghenesyl VPS Superlight Body – Fast Set: GHN-SLF

Lascod Ghenesyl Bulk 100 Pack: GHN-CSE