Bonding 1-Step Light cure (Hexa Dental)

Bonding 1-Step Light cure (Hexa Dental)


Hexa Dental’s Bonding is an advanced 5th generation total etching bonding agent designed for optimal performance. This light-cure dentin/enamel bonding agent is a one-step solution, indicated as a bonding agent for all composites and compomers. With the convenience of a combined primer and adhesive in one bottle, Hexa Bonding streamlines the application process. Experience superior bond strength with all cured restoratives, setting a new standard for reliability. As a total bonding etching agent, Hexa Bonding offers efficiency, simplicity and precision for elevated dental care.



  • Excellent bond strength for all cured restorative materials
  • Easy and time saving application process
  • Ensures marginal integrity
  • Very low film thickness prevents microcracks
  • Primer and adhesive in one bottle simplifies the application process
  • Reduced post operative sensitivity
  • Superior wetting of enamel and dentin



1 x 5mL dropper bottle


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