Galaxy Bond Universal Self Etch (Hexa Dental)

Galaxy Bond Universal Self Etch (Hexa Dental)


Hexa Galaxy Bond is a self-etching adhesive engineered for reliable bonding to both enamel and dentin, making it ideal for a wide range of restoration and cementation applications. Offering versatile application modes, including use as a primer for metals and ceramics, Hexa Galaxy Bond caters to various cosmetic and restorative dentistry needs—from simple repairs to intricate prosthetic work. With its superior stability and colorless formula, it’s the perfect choice for cosmetic dental practices seeking exceptional results. Achieve outstanding adhesion to diverse surfaces, including metals, ceramics, composites, and fiberglass posts, while maintaining excellent performance regardless of dentin moisture levels.



  • Excellent bond strength
  • High performance in moist dentin, perfect for intracanal application.
  • Colorless adhesive, will not interfere with esthetic restorations or cementation.
  • Combination of primer and bond in the same bottle, simplifying the steps.
  • Compatible with dual, self and light-curing resin cements
  • BPA Free Bottle



1 x 6mL Dropper Bottle


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