Fluoride Varnish W/ Xylitol 50/Box (Hexa Dental)

Fluoride Varnish W/ Xylitol 50/Box (Hexa Dental)


Hexa Dental’s Fluoride Varnish is a premium 5% sodium fluoride preparation that promotes remineralization and strengthens tooth enamel. Our varnish serves as both a cavity varnish and an effective treatment for dentin hypersensitivity. Formulated meticulously for optimal results, it comes complete with a convenient brush applicator, ensuring effortless application and allowing for smooth coverage and adherence to the tooth surface. The patient-friendly design allows for immediate departure after the appointment, making Hexa Dental’s Fluoride Varnish the ideal choice for efficient and effective oral care.



  • Varnish dries within 10 seconds
  • Releases a higher amount of fluoride within a 24-hour period, outperforming competitor brands
  • 5 delightful flavors sweetened with Xylitol to ensure an enjoyable patient experience
  • Thin formula eradicates clumping and stringing
  • Free from allergens linked to tree nuts, ensuring a safe and worry-free experience
  • Flavors available: Mint & Bubble Gum
  • Made in USA



50 ct Box contains 0.4 mL Unit Dose


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Mint Box, 50 pieces: Item #HV-4001

Bubblegum Box, 50 pieces: Item #HV-3001

Assorted Box, 50 pieces: Item #HV-1001