Prophy Paste Prophylaxis With 1.23% Fluoride Ion 200/pk (Hexa Dental)

Prophy Paste Prophylaxis With 1.23% Fluoride Ion 200/pk (Hexa Dental)


Hexa Prophy Paste offers an expertly crafted formula, strategically balancing abrasive and adhesive properties for optimal performance. This non-splattering paste excels at stain removal, tackling even the toughest challenges. Enriched with xylitol, a sweetener with hidden cavity prevention benefits, it is available in multiple grits to cater to diverse stain removal needs. Conveniently packaged in boxes containing 200 individual cups, Hexa ensures a hygienic application, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. 



  • Formulated to maximize stain removal while minimizing enamel loss
  • Rinses out thoroughly, leaving no trace of residual grit
  • Available in multiple grits and flavors
  • Free of nuts, soy, milk, eggs, gluten, aspartame and corn products
  • Minimal mess with our low-splatter formula
  • Removes tough stains while polishing the teeth
  • Made in USA



Contains 1.23% Fluoride Ion

Includes 200 Prophy Cups, 1 Metal Ring, 1 Instruction Sheet


SKU Information

Medium Grit/Bubblegum: HPP-2001

Medium Grit/Cherry: HPP-2002

Medium Grit/Mint: HPP-2003

Medium Grit/Assorted: HPP-2004

Coarse Grit/Bubblegum: HPP-3001

Coarse Grit/Cherry: HPP-3002

Coarse Grit/Mint: HPP-3003

Coarse Grit/Assorted: HPP-3004

Fine Grit/Bubblegum: HPP-1001