Porcelain Etch 2ml Syringe 4/pk (Hexa Dental)

Porcelain Etch 2ml Syringe 4/pk (Hexa Dental)


Hexa Dental’s Porcelain Etch is the ultimate solution for enhancing the bond between porcelain surfaces and bonding resins. Formulated with 9% fluorhidric acid, our Porcelain Etch ensures optimal mechanical retention, promoting lasting dental restorations. Say goodbye to stains on ceramics or composites – our advanced formula washes off easily, leaving behind a pristine surface. Plus, its thixotropic properties ensure precise application, staying exactly where you need it for effortless use.



  • Viscous, buffered hydrofluoric acid used to etch porcelain before cementation, repair, or bonding
  • Ideal viscosity allows for control and precise application
  • Will not stain ceramics or composites
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Thixotropic gel stays in place and prevents slumping – Washes off easily



9% Fluorhidric acid

4×1.5ml syringes + 8 pre-bent tips

Yellow color


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