Nano Hybrid Light Cure Composite Unidose (Hexa Dental)

Nano Hybrid Light Cure Composite Unidose (Hexa Dental)


Hexa’s Nano Hybrid, Light Cure Composite is the pinnacle of precision and reliability in dental restoration. Specifically formulated for class I, II, III, IV, V and VI direct restorations on both anterior and posterior teeth, as well as the re-anatomization of tooth structure, our innovative composite resin ensures consistent and predictable results. Engineered to seamlessly keep pace with the practitioner, our Nano Hybrid Light Cure Composite offers effortless handling, facilitating smoother procedures and reducing the risk of errors. Its extended working time provides greater flexibility, minimizing stress during procedures and fostering enhanced patient comfort. Versatile and adaptable, our composite resin is suitable for a wide range of procedures, from repairing composite and porcelain restorations to the cementation of tooth fragments. With its natural appearance and high aesthetic value, it seamlessly blends with the patient’s dentition, ensuring a flawless finish every time. Free of harmful BPA compounds, patient safety and well-being is prioritized. Experience the ease of handling, rapid curing, and versatile shading options that set our product apart. 



•  Shade predictability
•  High flexural strength
•  Easy to handle & quick to cure
•  Exceptional resistance to fracture
•  Longer working time even under reflective light
•  Made in Germany



20/box x 0.28gm Unidose Compules


SKU Information

Shade A1: CU-2001

Shade A2: CU-2002

Shade A3: CU-2003

Shade A3.5: CU-2004

Shade A4: CU-2005

Shade B1: CU-2006

Shade B2: CU-2007