Cavity Liner Calcium Hydroxide Light Cure 4/pk (Hexa Dental)

Cavity Liner Calcium Hydroxide Light Cure 4/pk (Hexa Dental)


Crafted with precision and engineered for excellence, One Liner stands as the ultimate solution for comprehensive cavity management. Designed to fortify cavity floors in deep restorations, it provides a robust shield to safeguard the delicate pulp, while offering exceptional thermal insulation and acting as a formidable barrier against chemical irritants from cements and restoratives. Versatility meets reliability with One Liner. Compatible with all known restoratives and cements, it seamlessly integrates into professional workflows, ensuring efficiency without compromise. Its advanced formulation boasts the unique ability to chemically bond to composite restorative materials, guaranteeing a steadfast foundation for enduring results.  Effortless application is achieved through One Liner’s smooth consistency, complemented by its visible light-cured technology, guaranteeing swift and dependable curing for a consistently flawless finish.



  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Compatible with all restoratives and cements
  • Mechanically strong and insoluble in oral fluids
  • Long shelf-life without the need for refrigeration
  • Resistant to etching agents
  • X-ray opaque
  • Time saving direct application to the tooth
  • Made in USA



4 x 1.5gr Syringe + 20 Pre-Bent Tips


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Hexa Light Cure Cavity Liner

.Fast and easy to apply

. Ambient Light Sensitivity

.Depth of Cure

.Flexural Strength

.X-ray Opacity

.Available All The Universal Shades

.Comes In 1.5 ml Of 4 Syringes Plus 20 Gauge Disposable Tips

.USA Made

Order ITEM# LLC-0001