ImplanTITAN Cement Dual Cure 4:1 Automix (Hexa Dental)

ImplanTITAN Cement Dual Cure 4:1 Automix (Hexa Dental)

Hexa ImplanTitan Cement Starter Pack



Introducing Hexa Dental’s ImplanTITAN, the ultimate implant cement tailored for semi-permanent fixation on customized abutments with minimal surface area or particularly small abutments. Engineered with reinforced adhesion and compressive strength, ImplanTITAN ensures secure restoration while allowing for easy removal without damage, even after extended periods in position. With precise positioning and minimal displacement, ImplanTITAN offers exceptional resistance and an incredibly low film thickness. Excess cement is effortlessly removed during the plastic phase, guaranteeing seamless application. Compatible with all material combinations and featuring a dual-curing system, ImplanTITAN provides versatility and reliability for a wide range of dental procedures. Enhance your restorative work with Hexa Dental’s ImplanTITAN, the natural-colored cement ideal for superstructures on resin bases and beyond. Experience precision, durability, and ease of use.



  • Dual Curing
  • Compatible with all material combinations
  • Easily removable excess
  • Low film thickness
  • Accurate positioning with low displacement resistance 
  • Natural-opaque color
  • Excellent compressive strength 
  • Easy future removable for retreatment or adjustment
  • Made in Germany



1 x 5mL Automix Syringe + 10 Mixing Tips


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