High Speed Handpiece

High Speed Handpiece


Explore the Hexa Dental High-Speed Handpiece – a powerhouse of precision. With an impressive 22 watts of power, it boasts the highest torque for maximum access and visibility in dental procedures. This quiet and long-lasting instrument operates at less than 60 decibels, ensuring a serene environment. Backed by a 1-year warranty, it is fully autoclavable for optimal hygiene. The 4-port water spray, push-button design, 45 degree angle, and superior efficiency contribute to reduced preparation time. Elevate your dental practice with Hexa’s High-Speed Handpiece, where power meets performance.



  • Turbo Surgical 45º
  • German engineered 
  • 4-port Water Spray, Push Button
  • Operates with 22W power
  • Speed: 340K-380K RPM
  • Head Size: 13.3 × 11.2mm
  • Fully autoclavable allows for increased hygiene 
  • Operates quietly with noise levels below 60dB
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty



Turbo Standard 45º High Speed Handpiece


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