Etchant Phosphoric Acid Gel 37% (Hexa Dental)

Etchant Phosphoric Acid Gel 37% (Hexa Dental)


Hexa Etchant Gel is a cutting edge 37% phosphoric acid etch gel. Our formulation ensures optimal enamel etching for superior bonding while safeguarding against over-etching and enamel damage. With controlled viscosity for easy application, this gel stays exactly where you place it, preventing any slumping or runoff onto exposed tissues. Enjoy hassle-free cleanup as Hexa Dental’s Etchant Gel easily washes off with water.



  • Ideal viscosity allows for easy application
  • Thixotropic gel prevents slumping and allows for precise placement
  • Blue color allows you to easily differentiate from tooth to allow clear rinse leaving no residue
  • Excellent water solubility
  • Syringe and dispensers allow for easy control and application
  • Indicated for use on dentin and enamel to create optimal bonding surfaces
  • Thin bendable tip allows for accurate placement even in relatively inaccessible areas



37% Phosphoric Acid

Available in #4 (x2mL) syringe kit or #1 (x50mL) jumbo syringe

Blue color


SKU Information

Item # HE-1050: 4 x 2mL Syringe, Includes 20 pre-bent tips
Item # HE-1004: 1 x 50mL Jumbo Syringe, Includes 4 x 1.2mL empty syringes & 50 blue pre-bent applicator tips