Core Build up Material Self Cure (Hexa Dental)

Core Build up Material Self Cure (Hexa Dental)


Introducing Hexa’s Core Build-Up Restorative – the ultimate solution for reliable and durable temporary restorations. Crafted with precision as a resin-based temporary luting agent, this product offers transient flexibility, making handling a breeze thanks to its two-step cure process. Enjoy the convenience of consistent working and curing times, ensuring seamless integration into your clinical procedures. With increased resistance to impacts and excellent mechanical properties, Hexa’s Core Build-Up Restorative guarantees lasting performance and durability. Experience unparalleled polishability and superb x-ray opacity for enhanced diagnostics. Available in three desirable color versions – white/opaque, natural, and contrast/blue – Hexa’s Core Build-Up Restorative offers versatility and aesthetic appeal for a wide range of clinical needs.



  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Convenient and consistent curing and working times
  • Superior x-ray opacity
  • Tips allow for precise placement of the restorative material
  • Increased resistance to impacts
  • Short setting time



1 x 50mL Cartridge & 10 Mixing Tips


SKU Information

Shade White Opaque: HCB-0001

Shade Natural (A3): HCB-0002

Shade Contrast/Blue: HCB-0003